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2021 Convention New Products

Learn more about all of our new Young Living products!

Favorite Resources – First and foremost, make yourself familiar with the Young Living website. It contains a ton of in-depth information about the company, products, and also your own Virtual Office. – We love the Young Living blog. There are so many great ideas, recipes, product info graphics, and more. You won’t run out of cool stuff to share with friends and family from here! – This is where you go if you want to know for yourself or share with others what really sets Young Living apart. Did you know that you can even visit our farms so you can see for yourself in person? – The foundation is a huge part of Young Living. We have so many opportunities to give back and make a difference through YL. What’s more is you know what your money is going to. All administrative costs are paid for by Young Living corporate so 100% of what we donate goes directly to the cause we are supporting. – NingXia Red is Young Living’s signature drink that is highly antioxidant, packed with nutrients, and infused with essential oils. I think pretty much every YL member drinks NingXia Red! – This site has a ton of great educational and sharing materials. – Customizable and easy to use journals and planners. Check out the YL specific collection at


Essential Oils 101

Let’s get started using those oils you just got!

All Things Thieves

Learn how to start keeping EVERYTHING clean with Thieves!

Sharing Made Simple

You love your YL Products. Others might too! Learn how to share with those close to you without being “salesy”