Summertime Essentials

Love Your Skin

Lavaderm Cooling Mist

Summer and sunshine go hand-in-hand! Pack this little bottle with you wherever you go – sports game, pool, beach, picnic, etc. Nice to spray on your skin during time in the sun to keep your skin cooled and moisturized. Use it after time in the sun to give your skin that natural healthy glow!

Extra Tip – spray in your hair to give it a soft, smooth look and add a wonderful aroma.

Have you tried it? Share your experience in the comments!

DIY Skin Syrum

Being out in the sun too long can be harsh on your skin. Moisturizing is key to maintaining healthy looking glow, and for those with sensitive skin, a gentle face serum with Helichrysum can make all the difference!

If you are just not a DIYer but would still love an option for keeping your skin feeling and looking its best this summer, try the Sandalwood Moisture Cream. It is seriously luxurious and lasts a really loooong time. I use it year round and LOVE it!

Stay Cool

Summer sports, summer festivals, summer day at the zoo = hot, hot, hot! Hands down, this is our very favorite summertime friend when we’re stuck in the heat! When you apply peppermint eo to your skin, it creates a lovely cooling sensation.

Our daughter overheats very easily and has used peppermint MANY times to keep her feeling cool. Here’s a simple DIY recipe to help you enjoy a cooling mist anywhere.

Root Beer Lip Balm

Don’t forget those lips! They can be especially susceptible to getting dry and chapped in the sunshine.

Say goodbye to sun-chapped lips and pucker up with the sweet scent of an old-fashioned root beer float with this easy lip balm recipe!

Don’t have time to whip up a batch? Just grab one of YL’s lip balms. They have three different kinds to choose from on a regular basis – Lavender, Grapefruit, or Cinnamint. Also watch for Vanillamint (my favorite) which is available seasonally.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Yep, we all want to stay nice and cool and fresh looking in the hot weather. A nasty sunburn can leave you feeling miserable even after you come inside. But protecting yourself from the sun’s rays shouldn’t involve exposing yourself to toxic sunscreen ingredients.

(Read this article to see just how bad the problem is – )

ENTER YL’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion! You can protect yourself from the sun without slathering your skin in harsh chemicals.

Often people ask why it is only SPF 10. Lindsey Elmore does an amazing job of explaining all the ins and outs of this product here –