Thieves Household cleaner

Ok, but for real, Thieves Household Cleaner has been the absolute EASIEST transition.

We were one of the lucky ones and learned very early that noxious fragrances and chemicals in traditional cleaners of today DO NOT support your health. ? Quite the opposite, the use of these products led our family to some severe sensitivities. ?

So, I quickly learned that IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!!!

Now what’s a mom to do??? Giving up or going down without a fight was not an option! I had a family to take care of!

So, we started researching and educating ourselves. And for us, that included praying for direction. And by the time we were introduced to Young Living’s products, all the hard work was done! We knew we were ready to start replacing the yuck with good stuff!

BUT …. Of course … it had to work and it couldn’t break the bank.

??BINGO!!!! THHC (Thieves Household Cleaner) for the win!!!

Not only did we LOVE how well it worked and how it smelled (NO MORE BREATHING WOES!), we also couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was. And we could use it for EVERYTHING! Not kidding, literally use it on bathrooms, kitchens, floors, windows, shelves, counters, etc, etc., etc…

A 14.4 oz bottle of THHC is $22.50. What? You’re not jumping for joy over that price??? Yeah, I know but just give me a minute …

That 14.4 oz bottle is concentrated. So when you dilute it at the suggested ratio for general uses (1 oz THHC, 30 oz of water), you get 432 oz of cleaner! Y’all that’s just over 5 cents an ounce! (?Y’all can start your happy dance now!?) Compare that to what you currently use.

And if the price isn’t enough….Turn that old bottle over and start researching ingredients. That’ll do it!?