Raindrop Collection


Raise your hand if you LOVE your Raindrop oils! 
If you don’t already have a RAINDROP COLLECTION, get one! 
This kit is full of oils that I DO NOT run out of…ever!!!

This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!

Aroma Siez

Aroma Siez is chock-full of good stuff. This blend is an add-in to the raindrop technique when an extra boost is needed. But its also a go-to oil blend for relaxing and calming muscles. Aroma Siez is great for adding into massage oils and using anywhere you have overexerted or stubborn body part to help with a quick recovery.

My mom likes to put this blend in a bottle of OrthoEase massage oil and rub it on her legs before bed to help calm and settle them for the night.

You can even dab a little of Aroma Siez at the base of the skull to help soothe discomforts and recharge your system. It’s just that relaxing!

Also apply to the bottoms of your feet to refresh them.

Use after exercise or an eventful day to help you chill.

Check out Aroma Siez in your favorite reference for even more info!

Be sure to look up basil, marjoram, cypress, lavender, and peppermint too.

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