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This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!


It sounds so weird that an herb we typically just use to season our spaghetti would be so sensational for our health. But it doesn’t take much research to find out how great it is.

Now you’ll begin to see a theme with this grouping of oils, they’re all so very good at supporting your natural defenses, your immune system. Basil is right up there with the best for its protective and cleansing properties.

Basil is perfect for bringing peace to mind and body. It’s naturally relaxing. So if you’re having a gray kind of day, add some basil to your life! It can literally help your body to respond and adapt to taxing situation in a positive way.

SIDE NOTE – it’s so sad that I can’t share more with you here. Seriously, research this amazing essential oil. It is such a gift.

Keep it on hand to ease body discomforts. Again, it so great at calming over used and active muscles. Your teens and pre-teens will love this oil, even if it is the middle of the night. And there are a lot of muscles in your body, not just legs and arms. Combine with a carrier and massage it in wherever you need it.

Basil is also an phenomenal purifier. Whether it’s blemishes or soothing itches and bites, use it to support healthy looking skin. And because it is so good at elevating antioxidant activity, it gives you those anti-aging benefits that everyone needs.

Check out Basil in your favorite reference for even more info!

Don’t forget to research linalool, one of basil’s main constituent.

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