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Make the most of the gorgeous May weather with four spring sidekicks handpicked for your outdoor adventures and getaways. You can earn Citronella essential oil to fend off nature’s annoyances, DiGize essential oil blend for a soothing road-trip scent, Detoxzyme capsules for post-picnic digestion support,* and Rose Ointment balm to soften and hydrate dry, sun-kissed skin. Plus, earn 10 loyalty points to treat yourself to more spring-fresh faves.

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Learn a little more about NingXia Red

There are a few things we do every day that if we forget … we notice.

NingXia Red is one of those things. We have been starting every single day with 2 ounces of NingXia Red since we joined Young Living in 2011 because we learned early on about it’s incredible anti-oxidant and nutrient packed ingredients. 

NingXia Red is such a YL mainstay that it even has it’s own site. Check it out at

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