Raindrop Collection


Raise your hand if you LOVE your Raindrop oils! 
If you don’t already have a RAINDROP COLLECTION, get one! 
This kit is full of oils that I DO NOT run out of…ever!!!

This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!

Ortho Ease

This is a such an amazing concoction! And since Ortho Ease is full of powerful essential oils that are already diluted, it’s super easy to just grab and use! In fact, I use Ortho Ease massage oil regularly. I just apply it on my legs and hips as a energizing moisturizer with muscle soothing benefits. And it’s so great for comforting itchy skin. AHHH! Love that tingle!

Use it after a workout or a long day on your feet. Strained after a day of yard work? Here’s your answer! Heck! Just use it to feel good! It’s warming ability really gets your blood flowing. Pamper your tired and stressed body with this wonderful massage oil that helps you purge and restore!

You can never go wrong with this blend of essential oils. Take it with you on your next visit to your massage therapist. Your body will thank you for using a pure & quality massage oil!

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