Raindrop Collection


Raise your hand if you LOVE your Raindrop oils! 
If you don’t already have a RAINDROP COLLECTION, get one! 
This kit is full of oils that I DO NOT run out of…ever!!!

This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!


Peppermint is an energy boost in a bottle! Try using a drop before a workout…or during or after for that matter! Feels so good on those lungs! You’ll breathe freely all day. And the cooling effect… AHHHH delightful when you’re work up a sweat.

– Keep in mind that the cooling sensation can be intense to sensitive skin, young children, or when your skin is heard up. Keep that carrier oil close just in case!-

Of course, I use it every night before bed to clear my head and breathe deeply. It helps me sleep sweetly.

Isn’t it funny how essential oils work like that!? They’re what you need, when you need it!

Peppermint also feels amazing on an overworked digestive system. Just what you need after a couple of chili dogs and fries.

Peppermint is also naturally good at calming and reviving exercised muscles and joints. Try using a bit of a drop to rub into your scalp. WOWZA! Just keep it away from your eyes — that’s another WOWZA but in a different way…

And remember, a dab of peppermint in your mouth keeps everyone happy!

Check out Peppermint in your favorite reference for even more info!

Don’t forget to research menthol, one of peppermint’s main constituent.

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