Raindrop Collection


Raise your hand if you LOVE your Raindrop oils! 
If you don’t already have a RAINDROP COLLECTION, get one! 
This kit is full of oils that I DO NOT run out of…ever!!!

This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!

Step 1: Prepare

Preparing for a Raindrop isn’t really as big a deal as it sounds. Most of it is common sense. You want the recipient to be comfortable. We decided from the get-go to invest in a massage table. It’s nothing fancy but it has worked perfectly through MANY raindrops for the last 8 years. We bought ours on Amazon. But we know a friend who found a really nice one at an “online” garage sale for pennies – think FB Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

But a massage table is NOT a necessity. Lay in bed. Bend over a chair. Lay over the giver’s lap. It may not be conventional but it still offers an opportunity to get the oils on. We have a friend who was blessing someone with a traumatic brain injury with a Raindrop. The person couldn’t move, let alone lie any way except on their back. So, the giver just applied the oils to the feet and left out the back.

So, you get it. Just find a comfortable, quiet spot.

Ok, so even that’s not set in stone. I’ve given quite a few people Raindrops over the years. Some people cannot stand the quiet. They cannot relax without background noise or talking their way through it. Again, do what’s comfortable for the receiver. Keep in mind though that I didn’t say what’s comfortable for the giver. ?

The Raindrop Technique is a much quicker process if you already have your oils in order. I keep mine in a little oil holder bag that keeps each oil in it’s spot. That way I can keep them in order and I know exactly where to go next.

Both receiver and giver should drink plenty of water! The awesome thing about giving a raindrop is that you’re receiving all the goodness of the oils too!

As the giver, you will want to make sure that your fingernails are cut back far enough that you won’t leave marks as you do the movements. Also, make sure you stay calm and intentional throughout the Raindrop. It makes the receiver much more relaxed.

To keep the receiver covered, we always leave their pants on. Only their feet and back need to be exposed. This is easier for men. For the women, just use a button-up shirt but put on backwards so the opening is in the back. This makes it easy for the giver to have access to the spine.

Make sure to have a couple extra towels or sheets around just in case you need them.

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