Raindrop Collection


Raise your hand if you LOVE your Raindrop oils! 
If you don’t already have a RAINDROP COLLECTION, get one! 
This kit is full of oils that I DO NOT run out of…ever!!!

This class will teach you all about the oils in the Raindrop Kit and also HOW to give a Raindrop!

Step 4: Spinal Application

After you have finished adding oils to the spinal reflexology points on the feet, have your receiver roll over so they are face down or at least lying in a way that you have access to their back.

You will apply each of the oils in the Raindrop Kit in the same order that you organized them in the preparation stage. For each oil you will use different techniques to apply them so the receiver can have maximum absorption.

The entire theme of the sequence of techniques along the spine is threefold:

  • relax the muscles
  • pull the tissue away from the spine so the oils can really sink into your body and the spine can self align
  • move the tissue back to the spine so it can support the proper alignment.

It really is that simple.

Just use one oil at a time in the order suggested previously and then do the actions that are listed on the chart. The feathering and fanning should be done with only the back of your fingertips (or fingernails) contacting the receiver.

Remember that these are light, gentle motions. There is no need to apply pressure to the spine. Any slight pressure applied should only be to the tissue on either side of the spine.

Keep in mind that this technique is really about getting the oils on the body. So don’t worry if you aren’t completely sure you understand the instruction or about having perfect form. Just get those oils on. Don’t forget to keep that V-6 carrier oil close just in case the receiver feels too much absorption!

Relax and enjoy!

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