let's talk about spearmint!!!

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Put a drop or two in your water daily to help your skin look FANTASTIC! Yeah for clear complexions! BTW – it works! Tried and True!!! (Go ahead and google it…)

And guess what?! It naturally helps curb cravings and keeps your appetite in check!

Plus it gets your digestive tract on track! No more feeling like a whale full of bubbles!!

And hello gallbladder! Would you like a little attention? Here’s some spearmint!

If peppermint is too strong for you but you need your head cleared…spearmint is your man! Works well for littles too!

Like your Thieves toothpaste but miss the minty taste? Add 5-10 drops to your tube right after you open it. Yep, right down in that hole! Then squish and shake it all around to get it incorporated.

Oh and did I mention how spearmint has been used to promote oral health pretty much since time began??? Goodbye bad breath!

Soooo many good things with this oil!!! Please take the time to look it up in your favorite reference!