Thieves Hand soap

When we started using YL products, our children were just littles. And hand soap was something our youngest loved to get into. Washing his hands (well, ok, playing in the sink) was like a reward to him for using the potty.

?What an easy mom win, right!

But, of course, it became even more important to make sure that what he was putting on his body wasn’t harmful to ANY of his body systems and, as a bonus, could be beneficial to his body! Because, ya know, our skin is NOT impermeable. If it’s on his little body, it’s IN his little body.

In the past, I thought I loved my anti-bacterial soaps. I mean, the thought is pretty great. You want your kids to be clean of any harmful bacteria. Little did I know that the very ingredients I thought were making him clean, were actually garbage seeping into his precious system and filthing the place up!

? I’m soooo thankful I know better now. I’m soooo thankful I can do better now.

Needless to say, it was a quick, easy switch to Thieves Hand Soap. For reals, as simple as moving one bottle and replacing it with another.

One thing I learned right away is just how concentrated this stuff comes! It didn’t take me long to realize that I could split one of the foaming hand soap bottles and divide it into 3-4. Then, instead of always buying a new foaming pump, I started buying the refill. Now it is SUPER easy to stretch the concentrate into a whole bunch of hand soaps.

I put about two ounces of the Thieves Hand Soap refill into an empty Thieves Hand Soap Foamer bottle and fill the rest with water. Make sure to give it a good shake!

? Extra Tip- be careful how full you fill the bottle, make sure to leave room for the pump or you will overflow the bottle!

Here’s the quick math, a 32 oz bottle of refill is 39.50. If I use an ounce for each batch, that’s only about 2.50 per foamer.

Even if you like your soap a little more potent, you’re still around $3 for a bottle of top-quality hand soap with ZERO nasty ingredients. Mom win for sure!