Shampoo and Conditioner

Let’s talk about hair.

Transitioning to a harsh-chemical free shampoo isn’t always just a matter of switching to a new product. Our hair gets so used to being stripped by traditional shampoos and then re-lubricated by traditional conditioners that changing up the routine can leave your hair a confused mess!?

But for reals, think about it, this fact alone should leave you questioning your standard methods.

Now if you are one of the lucky ones, you may not have much of a transition. But even if you do have to retrain your scalp, I’m proof it can be done! When I first started my healthier lifestyle I had to wean my hair off of conventional products and “detox” my scalp. But now I use ONLY YL shampoo and conditioners or I make my own hair masks out of natural ingredients. I couldn’t be happier with my hair! Since YL’s shampoos clean my hair without stripping it of it’s natural shine, I don’t even have to wash it as often because my scalp has balanced out. It stays clean longer. On my non-wash days I opt for a hair refresher or leave-in conditioner that I make myself.

Don’t worry. It really isn’t too hard to make the switch. Grab yourself a bottle of one of YL’s shampoos, dilute it to your preference, and start using it. Fair warning – It 100% will NOT suds like you are used to. Stay calm! ?Not only do typical suds have ZERO impact on how clean your hair gets but the ingredients that create them can be harmful. The lack of suds on suds is a sign that you are using a good product!

I like to apply the shampoo directly to my scalp, a little in each area that I feel any build up. I just give it a little scrub and then rinse it out. If I don’t feel like I get it all, I just reapply. I did this more often at first but as my scalp began to regulate itself, I found myself using less shampoo.

My advice for when you are detoxing your scalp is to keep some of that old junky shampoo around for a bit. Here’s why – When using that junky shampoo regularly, your scalp starts over compensating for all the oils it strips out. And since you strip it out regularly, it’s just trying to keep your scalp from completely drying out.  So, at first, your scalp will continue to churn out the oils. If you have been using your “clean” shampoo for a week or so (remember – it cleans, it doesn’t strip) and notice that your scalp is confused to the point that you feel like oil is literally dripping from your head, just use the junky shampoo one time to fight off the excess. Then start back up with your junk-free YL shampoo until you HAVE to use your junky shampoo again. Eventually you will notice you need the junk less often and then not at all!

I LOVE YL’s conditioners.? Since my scalp is regulated, it stays nice and balanced. In fact, I only use the conditioner on the ends of my hair. I even think that I wouldn’t need it so much if I didn’t like my showers so hot!! If my ends are feeling super dry (for me that happens in the winter more), I will rinse out my shampoo and then apply the copaiba vanilla conditioner to my dripping wet hair and just leave it in! I love how soft and shiny it leaves my hair!

Now, let’s talk price – here’s the breakdown to give you an idea of cost.

Shampoo – Again, you can get 3-4 bottles from one. The KidScents is a little smaller of a bottle, so maybe just 3 out of it. Remember that you can also add baking soda if you miss your suds! One teaspoon (give or take depending on preference) per bottle will do it.

KidScents – about $3.50/bottle

Lavender – about $5.10 – $6.75/bottle

Lavender-Mint – about $5.10 – $6.75/bottle

Copaiba-Vanilla – about $5.80 – $7.75/bottle

Conditioner – This stuff is THICK!!! You can either dilute into 3-4 bottles or you can just use a small amount at a time. It seriously lasts forever!!!

Lavender – about $5.10 – $6.75/bottle

Lavender-Mint – about $5.10 – $6.75/bottle

Copaiba-Vanilla – about $5.80 – $7.75/bottle

You can also make a leave-in conditioner spray

  • 1/8 cup of YL conditioner
  • 1/2 cup distilled water
  • 5 drops tea tree
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 8 oz spray bottle

Bring the distilled water to a simmer without boiling. Combine the warm water and conditioner in the bottle, shaking to combine. Add essential to the detangling base, shaking to distribute. Apply detangled to hair as needed.

Feel free to change out with whatever essential oils float your boat! Rosemary or geranium would also be lovely!