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Live the YL Lifestyle. It’s not about spending more, it’s about spending better!

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Spend Better

First up, we want to make sure that YL products are intended to be used as a part of our everyday lives. They’re not just for the occasional whim! If you’re using them that way, you’re doing it wrong!!!

?You use CLEANING PRODUCTS every day, right?

?You use PERSONAL CARE products every day, right?

?You care for your health every day, right?

?So, we’re not talking about adding to …. (spending more)

?We’re talking about switching out what you use now to YL’s natural products without harsh chemicals! (spending better)

?And you might be surprised at how little this move will affect your budget!

Are you ready to take your world, your home, your body to a better state of wellness?

Ditch those harmful chemical products from your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and more and replace with the effective plant derived healthful Young Living products!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Let’s talk about hair. Transitioning to a harsh-chemical free shampoo isn’t always just a matter of switching to a new product. Our hair gets so used to being stripped by traditional shampoos and then re-lubricated by traditional conditioners that changing up the...

Bath and Shower Gels

Although your skin acts as a barrier, it is not impenetrable! A newborn’s skin is especially sensitive and reactive because their epidermal barrier stays underdeveloped until at least two years of age.? Even as an adult, you can absorb a lot of minerals, hormones, and...

Thieves Laundry Soap

This was a hard thing to switch for me. I figured that any nasty toxins were being washed down the drain. So no worries, right? WRONG!? A study conducted at the University of Washington found 18 - 20 chemical air contaminants including carcinogens, developmental...

Thieves Hand Soap

When we started using YL products, our children were just littles. And hand soap was something our youngest loved to get into. Washing his hands (well, ok, playing in the sink) was like a reward to him for using the potty. ?What an easy mom win, right! But, of course,...

Thieves Household Cleaner

Ok, but for real, Thieves Household Cleaner has been the absolute EASIEST transition. We were one of the lucky ones and learned very early that noxious fragrances and chemicals in traditional cleaners of today DO NOT support your health. ? Quite the opposite, the use...

Replacement Buying

Live the YL Lifestyle Young Living products are intended to be used as a part of your everyday lives. They're not just for the occasional whim! If you're using them that way, you're doing it wrong!! You use cleaning products every day, right? You use personal care...

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